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How To Wash Fleece Blankets: Safe And Easy Steps

How To Clean Or Wash A Fleece Blanket?

Fleece is one of the most common types of throw blankets because of its excellent softness, but if not washed carefully you’ll find that it can easily lose color or fall apart after a few washes.

To help your fleece blanket last, make sure to do the following:

  1. Wash in cold water on gentle, as stronger wash settings may cause knots to form.
  2. Use a small amount of detergent, as using too much can stick to fibers and make it less soft. Avoid bleach, as it damages fleece fibers and the blankets dye.
  3. Dry your fleece blanket on low heat, as high temperatures will cause shrinkage and curling.
  4. Remove and fold immediately after drying to prevent wrinkles. Avoid irons, which can melt fleece fibers.

Can you machine wash fleece blanket?

Yes, you can machine wash fleece blankets. This is the preferred method due to the size of the blankets. Who wants to wash a large blanket by hand and wring it out afterward?

However, some people may feel like they have to hand wash their fleece blankets to keep the fibers from clumping together due to any of the reasons mentioned above. But the problem of clumping fibers lies not in the washing machine itself but the settings that were used to wash the blanket.

The first thing that you should know is that it is best to wash fleece blankets only with other fleece items or by themselves. Doing so will prevent the fleece fibers from rubbing up against other fibers. This can be abrasive and cause too much friction between the fibers, causing the fleece to lose its texture.

How to drying fleece blanket?

Drying your fleece blanket needs to be approached in the right way as well and there are two basic ways that you can go about it. You can either choose to air dry the fleece blanket or you can use a standard dryer.

If you want to throw your fleece blanket in your dryer, then you need to be sure that your dryer has a gentle setting. So long as it does, it should be possible to get your fleece blanket dry without having to worry too much.

Many people find the idea of air drying the fleece blanket to be much safer overall. You can hang the fleece blanket on a clothesline and let it dry over the course of a few hours.

Too much heat can cause your fleece blanket to experience pilling issues so it would be good to be able to avoid the dryer if you’re able to do so.

However, being that most people use fleece blankets during the winter months, it isn’t always going to be practical to hang a fleece blanket somewhere on a clothesline.

If you do decide to utilize your dryer, then you are just going to want to try to do things as safely as you can. A gentle setting should give you the best chance of success and you’ll have fewer issues if your fleece blanket is made from high-quality materials.

How to remove pilling from a fleece blanket?

Removing pilling from your fleece blanket is really easy. All you need is either a depiller, or a disposable razor and some masking tape or a lint roller to pick up the pilling once it’s removed.

Spread your blanket out on a firm, flat surface like a table.

Hold the fabric taut with one hand and, using light pressure, run the razor blade or depiller across the pilling to remove it.

As the razor fills up with fuzz, run it under cool water or use a wet paper towel to clear it out.

When you’re finished, use the tape or run the lint roller over the fabric to collect the loose fuzz.

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